Cat O’Neil @ Time Magazine

Another beautiful and insightful cover artwork from Cat O’Neil. The in-depth research and delicate handling of the subject matter really shine out. This piece for Time Magazine achieves what every great illustration should – it is informative, engaging, sensitive to those portrayed and brings clarity to a difficult topic.

What Would Moses Do?

This gorgeous and inspiring book by Hanoch Piven and Shira Hecht-Koller tells the stories which encourage young readers to dream big, stay curious and to be themselves through advice that each biblical character might offer.

Animations by Owen Freeman

Powerful animations for BMW campaign by the fabulous Owen Freeman. One of a series for online advertising, these short pieces told the story of the ‘hero’ electric engines triumphing over a gas-guzzling adversary. Owen’s bold style and his extensive experience of graphic novels and magazines created something elegant yet exciting. with many thanks to the LOOPING GROUP for the commission.

More illustrations for Chua Lam’s by Meilo So

There have been some new additions to the Chua Lam collection by Meilo So.  These characterful images now appear on wall panels, takeaway boxes, tables, light fittings, napkins, merchandise and so much more.  We have added many of the new images to our Behance page so drop by and take a look.

Girls of Paper and Fire

Sumptuous new images by the fabulous Kuri Huang for a Natasha Ngan trilogy. Working with Daphne Tong and Caitlin Lomas at Illumicrate was a real joy and these special editions are perfect gifts for true fans.

Hanoch Piven has it covered!

Charming cover illustration by Hanoch Piven which honours the great comic artist, Miguel Gallardo. Hanoch’s style has such warmth that can’t help but be drawn in.

A Message From Your Skin

One of three elegant new images by Cat O’Neil in today’s Wellcome Collection ‘Stories’ section. These beautiful images accompany an interesting article by Sydney Baker on listening to our skin and what it tells us about ourselves and about our environment.

Sneaky Peek!

Who doesn’t love a sneaky peek? We are excited to share these beautiful images by Cat O’Neil for a distillery project. So much more to come and we look forward to sharing the launch of these gorgeous limited edition prints as soon as they’re live!  With many thanks to Nick Ravenhall at Holyrood Distillery for the terrific commission.

Informed Choices

Beautiful new work by the fabulous Cat O’Neil for NY Scholastic Choices Magazine. These sumptuous images were commissioned to engage young teens so that they can make informed choices about nicotine use. The warmth and elegance of these images couldn’t fail to make that connection!

Loris Lora gives some back chat!

Charming illustration from the hugely talented Loris Lora for today’s Maisonette World to accompany an article on how to handle the dreaded ‘back talk’.  We’ve all been there.