Washington Post Cover

Cat O’Neil’s recent 3-D images for a wide range of editorial and design clients have quite literally brought a whole new dimension to her work.  This perfect cover to the Washington Post beautifully illustrates the lifecycle of our Christmas trees.

Innovative New Work by Cat O’Neil

The past few months have been exceptionally busy for Cat O’Neil and she has had the opportunity to work with a variety of innovative and forward-thinking companies. Her strong relationship with her clients allows her the privilege to make suggestions and have real input into the creative process. The outcomes have been sensational. Of late, Cat has occasionally been able to offer the benefit of a 3-D approach. These images are a mix of ‘real-world’, hand-crafted cut-outs, overlayed with computer-generated colour and drop shadows. Whilst these pieces take rather longer to create, I am sure we can agree they really pack a punch. If you would like to hear more about her process or have a project you would like to discuss I would be delighted to hear from you. Always great to share something new…..

Interview with Rutu Modan

Such a lovely interview with the hugely talented Rutu Modan to announce her inclusion in a wonderful publication. You can hear all about her inspirations and her approach to this particular challenge. The publication ‘It’s Up to Us’ is a beautiful, international collaboration between artists in pursuit of getting the environmental message heard.
Well worth a listen!

May Your Life be Deliciosa

A beautiful collaboration between the very talented Loris Lora and the wonderful Michael Genhart, this gorgeous publication hit the shelves at the end of last week.  A story of family, tradition, food and love that will warm your heart and inspire young readers to build a delicious life!

Congratulations to Sarah Gibb

Congratulations to the super talented Sarah Gibb on her inclusion into this year’s British Book Design and Production Awards shortlist.  This sumptuous book, ‘Step Inside Homes Through History’ was commissioned by the wonderful Nosy Crow for the National Trust and it is packed with fascinating insights into the way we once lived.

Beautiful Label by Ailsa Johnson

Gorgeous new illustration by the very talented Ailsa Johnson.

The Girl Who’s Afraid of Touching People

Exquisitely beautiful and yet powerful, this full-length animation by Liang Hsin Hiang is now online in full for the first time. Entitled, ‘The Girl Who’s afraid of Touching People’ it deals with a girl who is on a personal journey to overcome fears of the past and embark on a new beginning.

A Night at the Opera with Jun Cen

Jun Cen’s recent piece for the New Yorker on Kaija Saariaho’s, work ‘Innocence’ exudes all the power and truth of the opera itself. Taking place over to parallel periods of time, it deals with wounds of the past and the act of letting go. Jun has been able to get to grips with the complexity of the narrative beautifully.  Again. Inspirational stuff.

Onmyoji images by Kuri Huang

Fabulous new illustrations by Kuri Huang for Onmyoji card game. Kuri’s palette never ceases to amaze and inspire.


Awards at 3×3 International Illustration

We are delighted to announce that the marvelous Cat O’Neil was awarded 4 merits at the recent 3X3 International Illustration Awards.  A huge and well-deserved accolade and we couldn’t be more thrilled for her.