Beautiful new images from Cat O’Neil

Powerful new images by Cat O’Neil are have been added to her pages this week and we look forward to hearing your thoughts!

New illustrations by Ailsa Johnson

Beautiful new images by Ailsa Johnson have been added to the website today.  Do follow the link and have a browse!

Sarah Gibb joins Killington Arts!

We are delighted to announce that the wonderful Sarah Gibb has joined the agency.  Hugely experienced in the fields of publishing and design, her delicate and engaging style has brought warmth and elegance to a wide range of projects worldwide.  You can lose yourself in more of her beautiful images on her Killington Arts web page, Behance or on Instagram.  Welcome to the team Sarah!

Exploding Bakery re-brand

Ailsa Johnson was asked to take part in a re-brand for Devon based company, The Exploding Bakery and we are delighted to announce her engaging and elegant images have just gone live….

Ailsa Johnson’s Explosive illustrations!

So lovely to see Ailsa Johnson’s images for The Exploding Bakery up online, on menus and associated marketing.  This is one of the charming little animations which accompanied the series. If you are feeling hungry do drop by their website to see some of the most delectable cakes around.

Exciting News from Cat O’Neil & the AOI


Cat O’Neil has been chosen by the Association of Illustrators to form part of the Mentorship Scheme helping newer illustrators as they begin to build their careers.  Such a fabulous opportunity to learn from the very best!

Anatomy of a Commission


It’s always fascinating to see the illustration process laid out like this, from initial sketch ideas to the final illustration in all it’s glory. This gorgeous piece by Cat O’Neil was commissioned by the LA Times and appears in today’s edition.

Loris Lora & Christine Platt on Harriet Tubman


We are delighted to announce that Loris Lora’s beautiful images for Callisto’s book on Harriet Tubman are due to be published on 7th April!  Loris’s collaboration with the fabulous Christine Platt (who we must thank for this photo) is a real book to cherish for younger readers.  We look forward to sharing more of the images soon.


Cat O’Neil and the Joy of the Familiar


Cat O’Neil has just completed this stunning new work to accompany an article on the joy of familiar  wines in a time of such turmoil.

Jack Reacher images by Owen Freeman


Owen Freeman has been working closely with The Daily Mirror in recent days to illustrate a serialisation of ‘No Middle Name: The Complete Collected Jack Reacher Stories and has produced a series of powerful images to accompany the stories.  Visit us on Instagram to view all his images to date.