Jun Cen

This beautiful illustration by Jun Cen encapsulates so many of the strengths of his work. The power of his ethereal landscapes, the expressiveness of his delicate lines all within a restrained palette and minimalist composition. Jun’s work carries both complex and challenging narratives with ease and elegance. You can see much more of his work on our Instagram or Behance pages.

At Home with Paul Rogers

Such a lovely illustration piece from the fabulous Paul Rogers in NYT yesterday on what the word ‘home’ has come to mean to us during the pandemic. Paul’s quiet, wry humour is one of the many things that we admire about him. 

Story-Boarding at Killington Arts

Story-boarding is one of those strings to your bow that you don’t really get to talk about. So many of our illustrators work in this area with clients worldwide but due to the obvious NDAs the work never makes it out there. These advertising ideas by Sarah Gibb have been given the ‘all clear’ to be shown and are a fascinating insight into the process. Jun Cen, Owen Freeman and many others at Killington Arts have huge expertise in this area so do get in touch if you would like to discuss the possibilities.


In the last 12 months I think we’ve all experienced this – Covidsomnia. This powerful, claustrophobic piece by Jun Cen accompanied an article on the subject for Brain & Life Magazine. Those wee small hours can be a very lonely place. A little exercise, a little relaxation, a little less alcohol and a little more counting of blessings is needed perhaps.

Lee Daniels by Hanoch Piven

Film director Lee Daniels by Hanoch Piven for current issue of Hemispheres Magazine

Mothers of the World!

Fabulous illustration by Loris Lora for New York Times to accompany an article entitled ‘Neglecting Yourself Doesn’t Make You a Better Mother’. New reports out this week state that mothers are doing 67% more childcare than men during the lockdown. Let’s not neglect ourselves ladies…

Tasty Treat from Ailsa Johnson

Some lovely new works by Ailsa Johnson for Compound Butter Magazine this month.  The warmth of her palette really brings the text to life.

Cat O’Neil for Guardian Observer

Happy Monday! Our London weekend was a rather cold and wet one but the Lovely Cat O’Neil brought warmth and joy with her exquisite work for Observer Food Monthly – ‘Korean Cooking, my Mother and me’. Rob Allison’s powerful piece on learning to define his identity, his role and people’s attitudes to difference through his mother’s cooking made the weekend really rather sunny. Many thanks to Paul Reed for this splendid commission.

You can read the article here:



I Heart the Oscars…

A beautiful new illustration by Loris Lora for the LA Times to accompany an article on the new year’s Oscars entitled ‘I Heart the Oscars, Even With All the Weirdness’.

Unleash Your Creativity!

We are so happy to share that the fabulous Hanoch Piven is celebrating his 1000th student on his on-line Domestika course: https://lnkd.in/dDigzMy