Poster by Kuri Huang for Animated Epic!

Mesmerising poster artwork by Kuri Huang for the new animated epic film, Into The Mortal World.  Directed by Zhong Ding, the film involved over 2,000 animation artists from more than 50 teams and took five years to make. It is inspired by the well-known Chinese myth of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl.

Among Friends

Gorgeous illustrations by the fabulous Cat O’Neil for the FT summer reads. These characters are so beautifully imagined that you feel that you know them. I’d be amongst friends if their reading list is anything to go by…

Learning to Eat with Cat O’Neil!

Another wonderful piece by Cat O’Neil for The Observer. This time around it accompanies an interesting article by Viv Groskop about intricate recipes, imbued with memories from her time in the former Soviet Union.


Charlotte Knox at The Royal Academy

We are all looking forward to viewing works by Charlotte Knox at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition which opens next week. They are to be found in Gallery V and Gallery VII if you’re passing….

The Incurable Optimist

Sumptuous new illustration by Loris Lora for Arches Magazine.  This exuberant image to accompany a challenging but inspirational story on organ transplant and always choosing joy.


Ageing Well with Jun Cen…

This serene and elegant piece by Jun Cen graced the pages of the New Yorker recently. It captures the sense that aging well is a matter of choice and one can rise to meet the challenges with grace and vitality.


The Secret Listeners

Fabulous new work by the extraordinarily talented Owen Freeman for the soon-to-be-opened Trent Park House
During the winter of 1939, Trent Park House and its grounds were transformed into a state-of-the-art secret surveillance centre to glean vital information from interned prisoners of war. Its secrets are soon to be revealed next year when we can experience this rare glimpse of history. Owen’s powerful illustrations bring a clarity and immediacy to these fascinating true stories. With many thanks to Tori Reeve for this terrific brief.

Exploded View

Wonderful piece by the hugely talented Heping Wu for GQ magazine.  This exploded view captures the busyness of our urban environment in an elegant and comprehensible way.
If you would like to see more of his work we would love to hear from you so do drop us a line.

Beautiful New Images by Grace Park!

Beautiful new images by Grace Park for Shopify! Grace’s elegant modern styling infused with a clear understanding of traditional mediums gives a fresh take on the brand for their e-commerce campaign.

art Congratulations to Joe Morse!

Hearty congratulations to the hugely talented Joe Morse for his win at this year’s American Illustration Awards. This fascinating piece accompanied an article in @forbes highlighting the 400 richest people in the US. Looks like quite a dinner party….

A Wonderful Opportunity

Now here is a lovely opportunity for artists to share and learn with one of the most respected and talents illustrators around. Cat O’Neil has launched an informal and instructive tutorial on Patreon and you have a chance to vote on the topics covered. Once a month she will host a 40 min Zoom session with a view to reaching out to new and emerging talent. Sounds fabulous!  Click through to Cat’s Instagram or follow the link

How Much is That Doggy in The Window?

Another exquisite cover for this month’s New Yorker by the wonderful Mark Ulriksen.

Gorgeous paper sculpture image by Cat O’Neil for the cover of ‘And the Sky Bled’ by S. Hahi.  Available for Pre-order now.

Cover Reveal!

Sumptuous new work for Hodder & Stoughton by the fabulous Kuri Huang. This wraparound jacket with its heavenly colour palette graces the new edition of Sophie Kim’s book ‘The God & The Gumiho’.

Powerful Images for Reader’s Digest

As ever, Owen Freeman’s powerful handling of difficult narratives is evident in this piece for the Readers Digest. Created as part of a series to accompany a harrowing survivor’s account of kidnap in Ukraine, they bring this story into sharp, painful focus.

Loris Lora’s Playful Pup!

This lovely image by the wonderful Loris Lora graces the brand-new playful pups puzzle for Crocodile Creek Toys. The charm and warmth of Loris’ images are loved by children worldwide. If you look carefully you can see Loris’ own dog, Harold the border collie – famous at last!

Owen Freeman @ Wired

Owen Freeman has a wonderful way of creating cinematic drama and carrying a narrative with ease.  This brand-new, powerful image is one of five created for Wired this month. Commissioned to illustrate the first six chapters of Elliot Ackerman / James G. Stravridis’s book, 2054: A Novel, they exude threat, power and intrigue.


Kuri Huang, The Scarlet Alchemist

Astonishingly beautiful wrap-around artwork from the inimitable Kuri Huang for Kyle Lee Baker’s, The Scarlet Alchemist.  Commissioned by Fairyloot for Hodderscape’s edition, the sumptuous golds and browns echo the warmth and magic of the text whilst the intricate patterns perfectly suit the entangled vagaries of the story. Now, that’s alchemy…

Joe Morse & Toni Morrison

An exquisite new edition of the dark and powerful novel, Beloved by Toni Morrison. The pairing of The Folio Society‘s elegant styling alongside Joe Morse’s commanding illustration work makes this a striking addition to any bookshelf.

Eye-Opening Illustration

Another exceptional piece by Jun Cen for exclusive eyewear brand Willson Collections. Commissioned as part of a targeted marketing campaign, this magical dreamscape intrigues and draws us in. The sophisticated, reduced colour palette is unmistakably Jun and he brings an elegance to all his static and animation projects.

Cat @ Quention Blake Centre for Illustration

The hugely talented Cat O’Neil has been working recently on a very exciting project with with Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration. We are delighted to finally be able to share it with everyone. As the organisation is moving to elegant new premises in Clerkenwell, Cat was commissioned to illustrate a fascinating report by Dr Angelina Osbourne on the founders of the New River Company who constructed the building. You can read more about Cat’s design process here.

This has been a marvellous project to work on as Cat and I are hugely supportive of the important work that QB Centre do to promote, document and inform. You can find out more about the Centre here.

Learning Our ABCs

An exquisitely beautiful new book by wonderful Loris Lora launched this week. The ABC of  Baby’s Needs introduces babies to a world of communication through their alphabet and sign language.
Loris’s elegant yet engaging style welcomes us in and offers a joyous companion to those first few conversations with our children.

Grace Park joins Killington Arts!

We are so happy to announce that Grace Park will be joining us. Her delicate palette and engaging sense of style add warmth and energy to each project. Grace’s work marries the traditional and contemporary whilst drawing from her time in LA and Canada and from her Korean upbringing. Her mastery of the digital arts alongside her deep understanding of traditional mediums has brought her international recognition and an impressive legion of high-profile clients such as Lotte Duty Free and The Washington Post.

Heping Wu Joins Killington Arts

It is with huge pleasure that we welcome Heping Wu to the agency. Now based in Macau, Heping Wu draws both from his work with a range of international clients and from his Chinese heritage. His fluid lines, delicate palette and superb draftsmanship allow his work to sit elegantly in many different international markets and design fields. His work with many prestigious brands and publishing clients has enabled him to create worlds of wonder and intrigue which draw the viewer in.


The Delicate Art of Grieving

Some editorial commissions are more tricky than others. An essay on childhood grief and the way it lingers throughout our lives could be seen as a challenge. However, Cat O’Neil handled the brief with her usual emotional dexterity and eloquence for this recent Financial Times piece by Henry Wismayer.

Feeling the Pressure?

Beautifully constructed piece by Jun Cen for the WSJ on stress in the workplace.

Forbes 400

An extraordinarily beautiful piece of illustration by the very talented Joe Morse for this year’s Forbes 400.
The ‘meeting of the minds’ brief was handled elegantly and with a wry smile by depicting an imaginary rock/paper/scissors tournament.

Spotlight on Adolescence

Exceptional piece by Jun Cen on depression and adolescence for Youth Magazine. As poignant and descriptive as it is beautiful.

Change Your Life!

Loris Lora’s palette is unmistakable in its warmth and elegance. This beautiful piece for a recent @sistersletter article on turning routine into ritual perfectly illustrates the little changes that can be transformative.

Caesar & The Kentish Men

Fantastic new image by Cat O’Neil in the August edition of BBC History Magazine.
This image accompanies an interesting piece on the British resistance faced by Julius Caesar’s legions in 55 BC. Kentish men are a force to be reckoned with.

Hugo Award Nomination for Kuri Huang!

HUGO AWARD NOMINATION for Kuri Huang in the category of Professional Artist. With works like the ones shown here we are not surprised but we couldn’t be more thrilled for her. The Hugo Awards are widely considered to be the premier awards for Science Fiction & Fantasy and the winners will be announced in Chengdu in October.
Congratulations Kuri!

Mark Ulriksen has it covered! (again)

Mark Ulriksen’s most recent cover for @newyorkermag is as special as ever. The humour, exquisite colour palette and composition make each image powerful yet engaging. This particular image was to illustrate the rule changes that are happening in baseball this season.
If you would like to see more of Mark’s work ahead of your next project we would be delighted to hear from you.

Owen Freeman @ National Geographic

Fascinating new image for this month’s National Geographic by the wonderful Owen Freeman.  Always ready to offer a fresh angle on a complex text, in this piece he was able to combine both the literal and the mythical research on Tut’s dagger. The image accompanies an interesting article on the sacred role of meteoric iron in ancient civilisations

The Cod Father

These are just a taste of the extraordinary images by the exceptional illustrator, Olivier Kugler for the current exhibition, ‘Friends, Foes & Good Companions’. Hosted by The Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre, this show explores the turmoil of the Cod Wars and reflects on the impact, past and present on the industry, through the eyes of those who were there. Reportage and social investigation at its very best. For those of you in the area, the show runs until the 20th of August.


Trump in the Middle East!

Such an arresting cover by Hanoch Piven for Barak Ravid’s extraordinary book on Donald Trump’s foreign policy achievements in the Middle East. Based on a series of exclusive interviews with the ex-president, US secretaries of state, advisers and diplomats, it charts the decisions made that reshaped the geopolitical map.
As always, Hanoch’s work draws the reader in and connects on a very personal level.

Congratulations to Joe Morse

Great to hear that the terrific Joe Morse has been included once again in the AI Illustration annual this year. This powerful portrait of Jamie Dornan carries all the complexity and unnerving disquiet of the character he plays so beautifully in the series, The Tourist. A very elegant piece.

Kuri Huang’s cover for Onmyoji’s Art Book

Exquisite cover image for Onmyoji’s official art book by Kuri Huang
All the fantasy and tactical creativity of this strategy game are elegantly brought to life in this beautiful artwork

American Illustration selection for Paul Rogers

Hearty congratulations to Paul Rogers on being selected once again for American Illustration This powerful piece shows a detail from an unpublished poster for the film ‘Marlowe’.

Mixpanel collaboration for Jun Cen

Fabulous collaboration between the highly regarded product analytics company, Mixpanel and the wonderful Jun Cen. Once again, we can see the exciting role illustration has to play in engaging, informing, supporting the brand ethos and raising the bar generally.
#illustration #brandidentity #marketingdigital #marketing #promotions #advertising #animation #magazinecover #killingtonarts #juncen #illustrationagency

Images for the new Yushima Hotel, Tokyo by Ailsa Johnson

Such beautiful images by the wonderful Ailsa Johnson. These lovely images will grace the walls of the stylish new Section L, Yushima Hotel which opens in June.
As always, Ailsa’s work brings warmth, elegance and cheer. What better way to start the week?

Cat O’Neil @ Time Magazine

Another beautiful and insightful cover artwork from Cat O’Neil. The in-depth research and delicate handling of the subject matter really shines out. This piece for Time Magazine achieves what every great illustration should – it is informative, engaging, sensitive to those portrayed and brings clarity to a difficult topic.

What Would Moses Do?

This gorgeous and inspiring book by Hanoch Piven and Shira Hecht-Koller tells the stories which encourage young readers to dream big, stay curious and to be themselves through advice that each biblical character might offer.

Animations by Owen Freeman

Powerful animations for BMW campaign by the fabulous Owen Freeman. One of a series for online advertising, these short pieces told the story of the ‘hero’ electric engines triumphing over a gas-guzzling adversary. Owen’s bold style and his extensive experience of graphic novels and magazines created something elegant yet exciting. with many thanks to the LOOPING GROUP for the commission.

New Images for Chua Lam’s by Meilo

There have been some new additions to the Chua Lam collection by Meilo So.  These characterful images now appear on wall panels, takeaway boxes, tables, light fittings, napkins, merchandise and so much more.  We have added many of the new images to our Behance page so drop by and take a look.

Girls of Paper & Fire

Sumptuous new images by the fabulous Kuri Huang for a Natasha Ngan trilogy. Working with Daphne Tong and Caitlin Lomas at Illumicrate was a real joy and these special editions are perfect gifts for true fans.

A warm Welcome to Olivier Kugler

We are thrilled to announce that the hugely talented Olivier Kugler has joined us here at Killington Arts. Olivier Kugler’s extraordinary body of work covers some of the most shocking refugee crises of our generation. His extensive reportage has brought clarity and understanding of the plight of Middle Eastern Refugees in Europe and his book, ‘Escaping War and Waves’ won two prestigious design awards.  His visual journalism has taken him from Iraqi Kurdistan to Cairo, China, Laos and beyond.  Olivier’s work also extends into the more domestic side of life and he has created exquisite food illustrations, fiction covers and beautifully eloquent portraits.

Powerful Stories

Out today on the Wellcome Collection’s Stories platform, a powerful piece by Meg Fozzard on cardiac arrest in young people with an equally powerful set of illustrations by the very talented Cat O’Neil:
Cat has a wonderful way of conveying the hugely personal and difficult stories of our lives with delicacy and clarity.

Animation for Salesforce by Paul Rogers

Animated campaign for CRM heavyweight, Salesforce. The wonderful Paul Rogers continues to illustrate and design murals, posters, typography, magazine ads and visual development for animation for this huge ongoing campaign. As fabulous as ever Paul!

Cat O’Neil at Wellcome Collection

Cat O’Neil has an extraordinary ability to illustrate complex or difficult ideas without losing the warmth and charm needed to engage. This recent image formed part of a series for the Wellcome Collection for their web-based ‘stories’ platform.  The brief was to create images based on writings by researcher and environmentalist, Nataly Allasi Canaleson. These powerful, multifarious texts needed an intellectual approach and careful image research. As ever, Cat was more than up to the challenge with these gorgeous cut-outs.

The Night Walker

This week’s cover illustration for The New Yorker by the hugely talented Mark Ulriksen depicts all the emotions that a night walk around New York evokes.  Feelings of wonder and excitement in finding oneself amongst powerful architecture in the still of the night brings peace and exhilaration in equal measure and feeds part of our soul that daytime never reaches.  In this fascinating insight, Mark discusses his passion for a late-night stroll with his wife, Leslie.

The Place of Nostalgia in Modern Science

We are thrilled to share the first of this 5 part series for the Wellcome Collection’Stories’ platform.  This wonderful image by Cat O’Neil illustrates a fascinating text by researcher and environmentalist, Nataly Allasi Canales. The series highlights the importance that nostalgia and traditional knowledge play in future biodiversity. Well worth a read!
#illustration  #biodiversity

Ain’t Misbehavin’

Loris Lora’s palette never ceases to amaze, inspire and soothe.  Her image for Maisonette World captures the dynamic between parent and child and beautifully illustrates Dr Bronwyn’s text on seizing the opportunity to nurture a young one’s ethical identity.

The Little Mermaid at Trondelag Theatre

We are delighted to see Kuri Huang’s new poster image in print for the Trødelag Theatre.  This delicate story with a distinctly dark twist is bought to life beautifully with Kuri’s enticing soft layers and dream-like perspectives.  Our thanks to Julian André Vedeler at Tank Design for this terrific commission.


The Inimitable AOC

Such a beautiful image by Loris Lora for Harper Kids. Loris’s fresh colour palette and elegant draftsmanship capture all the fire and passion of the inimitable Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for this upcoming publication. ‘Phenomenal AOC: The Roots and Rise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with be out in Autumn 2022 so keep an eye out.

Bally Flagship Store

Wonderful to see Jun Cen’s wonderful illustration in pride of place on Bally’s window display in Beijing.  Happy Year of the Tiger!

New York Times Pieces

Keep up to date with new works and exciting projects such as these lovely ones by Cat O’Neil and Jun Cen for the New York Times by following us on social media.  Whether you favour Twitter, Instagram, Behance, LinkedIn or Facebook we would love for you to join us.  Let’s stay in touch.

New animations added!

Just a quick note to say that our new animation section has been updated with lots of great new pieces from our artists including these recent works by Liang-Hsin Huang for The Royal Society of Literature. If you haven’t had a chance to take a look as yet, Friday afternoon might be the perfect time! Just tap on the illustrator’s name and enjoy.

Happy Chinese New Year

With The Chinese New Year tipping over into the Year of the Tiger we wanted to share the beautiful work completed by the extraordinary Jun Cen for Bally. As always, his elegant palette and ethereal style bring both strength and softness to this great brand.


Jun Cen’s beautiful AA Federation Posters

Announcing the launch of the Asian American Federation posters. Based on interviews with many of the most influential Americans of Asian heritage, they highlight their personal experiences of modern America. Jun Cen’s beautiful image: 

Washington Post Cover

Cat O’Neil’s recent 3-D images for a wide range of editorial and design clients have quite literally brought a whole new dimension to her work.  This perfect cover to the Washington Post beautifully illustrates the lifecycle of our Christmas trees.


Innovative New Work by Cat O’Neil

The past few months have been exceptionally busy for Cat O’Neil and she has had the opportunity to work with a variety of innovative and forward-thinking companies. Her strong relationship with her clients allows her the privilege to make suggestions and have real input into the creative process. The outcomes have been sensational. Of late, Cat has occasionally been able to offer the benefit of a 3-D approach. These images are a mix of ‘real-world’, hand-crafted cut-outs, overlayed with computer-generated colour and drop shadows. Whilst these pieces take rather longer to create, I am sure we can agree they really pack a punch. If you would like to hear more about her process or have a project you would like to discuss I would be delighted to hear from you. Always great to share something new…..

Interview with Rutu Modan

Such a lovely interview with the hugely talented Rutu Modan to announce her inclusion in a wonderful publication. You can hear all about her inspirations and her approach to this particular challenge. The publication ‘It’s Up to Us’ is a beautiful, international collaboration between artists in pursuit of getting the environmental message heard.
Well worth a listen!

May Your Life Be Deliciosa!

A beautiful collaboration between the very talented Loris Lora and the wonderful Michael Genhart, this gorgeous publication hit the shelves at the end of last week.  A story of family, tradition, food and love that will warm your heart and inspire young readers to build a delicious life!

Congratulations to Sarah Gibb

Congratulations to the super talented Sarah Gibb on her inclusion into this year’s British Book Design and Production Awards shortlist.  This sumptuous book, ‘Step Inside Homes Through History’ was commissioned by the wonderful Nosey Crow for the National Trust and it is packed with fascinating insights into the way we once lived.

New label by Ailsa Johnson


Awards for Cat O’Neil

We are delighted to announce that the marvelous Cat O’Neil was awarded 4 merits at the recent 3X3 International Illustration Awards.  A huge and well-deserved accolade and we couldn’t be more thrilled for her.

The Girl That Fell Beneath The Sea

Exquisitely beautiful artwork by Kuri Huang for The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea. This YA book is a gorgeous retelling of a Korean folktale.

Winner of the Sigurd F. Olson Award

Yet another award for the lovely Meilo So! Butterflies Belong Here has been selected as winner for the prestigious Sigurd F. Olson Nature Writing Award. We so enjoyed working on this beautiful book as Meilo rendered the artwork in watercolour and it is always a pleasure to loose ourselves in parcels of watercolour paper and exquisite illustration. Congratulations to Meilo and the very talented Melissa Manlove on another stunning publication.

Learn from a Master!

We are so excited to be able to announce that the wonderful Owen Freeman will be teaching his first Narrative Illustration class online this Summer. The class will be on Zoom and focus on developing story-driven artwork from sketch to final, developing compositions, reference etc.
The first day is June 5th 2021, seats are limited. Details and more info available at Workshop Academy
Such a wonderful opportunity to learn from a master of this art form!

Jun Cen at Spectrum News

Delicate yet powerful images from Jun Cen for Spectrum News yesterday. They accompanied an article on new research into the very particular social, emotional challenges faced by autistic teenagers as puberty brings the usual changes to their lives.

Butterflies Belong Here Nomination

We are so proud to announce that ‘Butterflies Belong Here’ has been nominated to the 2021-2022 Keystone to Reading Elementary Book Award. Meilo So’s exquisite illustrations bring a delicate charm to this fascinating text. It was a real pleasure to work with Melissa Manlove on this Chronicle Books Publication.

The Last Days of Stan Lee

‘The Last Days of Stan Lee’ by Owen Freeman for AARP magazine. Huge thanks to Design Director, Todd Albertson for a fascinating commission.
Owen’s work has graced the pages of a wide range of publications worldwide and his passion for film and graphic novels shines through, bringing real power to each subject he tackles.

Harnessing the Sun

Terrific image By Joe Morse of Creative Solar Director, Seth Gunning for Sierra Magazine.

Jun Cen

This beautiful illustration by Jun Cen encapsulates so many of the strengths of his work. The power of his ethereal landscapes, the expressiveness of his delicate lines all within a restrained palette and minimalist composition. Jun’s work carries both complex and challenging narratives with ease and elegance. You can see much more of his work on our Instagram or Behance pages.


At Home with Paul Rogers

Such a lovely illustration piece from the fabulous Paul Rogers in The @nytimes yesterday on what the word ‘home’ has come to mean to us during the pandemic. Paul’s quiet, wry humour is one of the many things that we admire about him. 


Storyboarding at Killington Arts

Story-boarding is one of those strings to your bow that you don’t really get to talk about. So many of our illustrators work in this area with clients worldwide but due to the obvious NDAs the work never makes it out there. These advertising ideas by Sarah Gibb have been given the ‘all clear’ to be shown and are a fascinating insight into the process. Jun Cen, Owen Freeman and many others at Killington Arts have huge expertise in this area so do get in touch if you would like to discuss the possibilities.



In the last 12 months I think we’ve all experienced this – Covidsomnia. This powerful, claustrophobic piece by Jun Cen accompanied an article on the subject for Brain & Life Magazine. Those wee small hours can be a very lonely place. A little exercise, a little relaxation, a little less alcohol and a little more counting of blessings is needed perhaps.



Tasty Treat from Ailsa Johnson

Some lovely new works by Ailsa Johnson for Compound Butter Magazine this month.  The warmth of her palette really brings the text to life.


Mothers of the World!

Fabulous illustration by Loris Lora for New York Times to accompany an article entitled ‘Neglecting Yourself Doesn’t Make You a Better Mother’. New reports out this week state that mothers are doing 67% more childcare than men during the lockdown. Let’s not neglect ourselves ladies…


Lee Daniels by Hanoch Piven

The Fabulous Lee Daniels by Hanoch Piven for current issue of Hemispheres Magazine.

Cat O’Neil for Guardian Observer

Happy Monday! Our London weekend was a rather cold and wet one but the Lovely Cat O’Neil brought warmth and joy with her exquisite work for Observer Food Monthly – ‘Korean Cooking, my Mother and me’. Rob Allison’s powerful piece on learning to define his identity, his role and people’s attitudes to difference through his mother’s cooking made the weekend really rather sunny. Many thanks to Paul Reed for this splendid commission.

You can read the article here:



I Heart the Oscars…

A beautiful new illustration by Loris Lora for the LA Times to accompany an article on the new year’s Oscars entitled ‘I Heart the Oscars, Even With All the Weirdness’.


Unleash Your Creativity!

We are so happy to share that the fabulous Hanoch Piven is celebrating his 1000th student on his on-line Domestika course:


Christmas Gift Inspiration

Such a lovely set of covers from the wonderful Sarah Gibb for Harper Collins. I can think of quite a few little ones who’d love to unwrap these on Christmas morning!

Chic in Shanghai

Joe Morse

Such a powerful image by the wonderful Joe Morse. This striking piece graces a DJ booth in an achingly cool Shanghai club.

In Praise of Illustration

Cat O’Neil and I were very touched to see a letter in the FT on Saturday extolling the beauty and sensitivity of her image in the Life & arts Section last week. I did spend the weekend trying to track down The Rev. Sally Wells to thank her but without luck. If any of you know her or happen to be in or around Salisbury in the coming days do please pass on or warmest wishes to her and her daughter.
It does highlight how very important an illustration can be in not only explaining a text but also allowing it to resonate and connect with the reader on a personal lev

Cat O’Neil @ The Washing Post

Another beautiful image by Cat O’Neil for the Washington Post this week which highlights to the difficulties with PPE when dealing with pediatric care in hospitals. As ever, Cat brings a sensitively & clarity to a complex text.

Visions of Tokyo

Ailsa Johnson

Having spent several years immersed in the fascinating culture of Tokyo, Ailsa Johnson decided to capture her experiences through a collection of striking images which span the divide between the real and the imagined. This collection has received a beautiful review in Pen Magazine which is definitely worth a read.

Joe Morse @ The Rolling Stone

We are so thrilled to see Joe Morse’s illustrations in the beautiful new Rolling Stone book, The Illustrated Portraits. This publication is a real Who’s Who of international excellence and includes some of the finest illustrators working in the field today. This powerful image of Eddie Vedder has always been one of our favourites.



Explosive Illustration

It is so lovely to see Ailsa Johnson‘s new packaging for The Exploding Bakery finally released.  Her soft elegant layers and sophisticated, distinctive palette bring a fresh and contemporary feel to this great brand.  You can view the complete collection of packs on our Behance page.


New Tipple for Sarah Gibb

Sarah Gibb’s delightful images for Merser Rum are now live!

Cat O’Neil Illustration on Covid19

New teen covers for Kuri Huang

The wonderful Kuri Huang has recently completed a series of  Kristin Cashore teen covers for Penguin which will be out later this year and early 2021.


Owen @ New Republic

Beautiful new image by Owen Freeman for New Republic Magazine on ”How the seizure of Europe’s biggest heroine shipment created bloody fallout throughout the world – and sparked still-raging political corruption scandals in Turkey, Greece and the Middle East.”


The Story of Barak Obama

‘The Story of Barack Obama’ illustrated by the fabulous Loris Lora and written by the equally wonderful Tonya Leslie is finally out!


New images by Cat O’Neil

Powerful new images by Cat O’Neil are have been added to her pages this week and we look forward to hearing your thoughts!

New images by Ailsa Johnson

Beautiful new images by Ailsa Johnson have been added to the website today.  Do follow the link and have a browse!


Sarah Gibb Joins Killington Arts

We are delighted to announce that the wonderful Sarah Gibb has joined the agency.  Hugely experienced in the fields of publishing and design, her delicate and engaging style has brought warmth and elegance to a wide range of projects worldwide.  You can lose yourself in more of her beautiful images on her Killington Arts web pageBehance or on Instagram.  Welcome to the team Sarah!


Illustration for these Times

Such regular contact with our terrific editorial clients of late has made me think once again about the importance of illustration in news reportage & broadcast media.

Illustration has always had an essential role to play in presenting ideas but never more so than during this period of crisis. The immediacy of visual engagement draws the audience in & encourages them to explore the text beyond the headline. It can carry complex & often abstract concepts with ease by not being limited by what can actually be seen, but rather what may be envisaged or anticipated, so sparking the imagination & promoting free thinking.

Increasingly, we have seen the need for medical information to be expressed by visual means, bringing a better understanding of the facts through well used visual cues, colour or simple animation. Furthermore, editorial illustration has brought personality and life to difficult (both emotionally and intellectually) text so allowing a reader to engage with the writer’s work & bring either additional humour or gravitas.

Historically, illustration has always provided the news with a visual framework, but in times such as these the emotive and expressive nature of the visual arts have never seemed so vital. 


Loris Lora & Christine Platt collaborate!

Loris Lora Harriet Tubman

We are delighted to announce that Loris Lora’s beautiful images for Callisto’s book on Harriet Tubman are due to be published on 7th April!  Loris’s collaboration with the fabulous Christine Platt (who we must thank for this photo) is a real book to cherish for younger readers.  We look forward to sharing more of the images soon.

Cat O’Neil and the Joy of the Familiar


Cat O’Neil has just completed this stunning new work to accompany an article on the joy of familiar  wines in a time of such turmoil.

Owen Freeman images for Jack Reacher Serialisation


Owen Freeman has been working closely with The Daily Mirror in recent days to illustrate a serialisation of ‘No Middle Name: The Complete Collected Jack Reacher Stories and has produced a series of powerful images to accompany the stories.  Visit us on Instagram to view all his images to date.

Michael Vick image by Owen Freeman

Owen Freeman ESPN

A striking new cover image of Michael Vick by Owen Freeman for ESPN Magazine.

Reading the Mind…


Elegant new images by Cat O’Neil for Philosophy Now Magazine highlighting the fascinating developments in MRI scanning.


Society of Illustrators Gold Awards!


We are thrilled to announce that Tatsuro Kiuchi has triumphed once again at the Society of Illustrators awards with not one, but two Gold Awards.  The first if for this marvelous series of poster illustrations for Suntory Whiskey with a elegant vintage look. The seconds was for the Uniglo Sustainabilty series.  To see these images and other wonderful new work click on Tatsuro’s page.



We are thrilled to announce that the marvellous illustrator Cat O’Neil has joined us here at the agency.  Her elegant style brings clarity and delight to editorial and packaging projects alike.   An award winning illustrator, Cat has worked with a myriad of clients worldwide since graduating from Edinburgh College of art. These include Wired, Financial Times, Scientific American and Time Out.  Do peruse her online ‘folio and keep checking back as images will be added shortly.

Charlotte Knox
Charlotte Knox’s stunning painting “Farringdon Road Station, London” will be on show at the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours 204th Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London SW1 from the 6th until the 16th April, 10am to 5pm.

United-Fan Wall small
We are thrilled to welcome Mark Ulriksen to our artist group here at Killington Arts. His beautiful images have adorned the covers of the New Yorker for more than 20 years and these images alongside many others can be viewed here on his personal web page.

Jun Cen’s beautiful new animation finally released.

Another beautiful illustration by Izhar Cohen for Michael Shermer’s Scientific American ‘Skeptic’ article.

Owen Freeman’s powerful Illustration artwork takes the cover of this week’s Bookseller Magazine. The piece for the new novel by Dave Rudden, ‘Knights of the Borrowed Dark’ is a wonderful meeting of minds.

We are delighted to announce the launch of a Charlotte’s beautiful new website. You can view a myriad of terrific new works at: