Owen Freeman @ Wired

Owen Freeman has a wonderful way of creating cinematic drama and his work carries a narrative with ease.  This brand-new, powerful image is one of five created for Wired this month. Commissioned to illustrate the first six chapters of Elliot Ackerman / James G. Stravridis’s book, 2054: A Novel, they exude threat, power and intrigue.

Kuri, The Scarlet Alchemist

Astonishingly beautiful wrap-around artwork from the inimitable Kuri Huang for Kyle Lee Baker’s, The Scarlet Alchemist.  Commissioned by Fairyloot for Hodderscape’s edition, the sumptuous golds and browns echo the warmth and magic of the text whilst the intricate patterns perfectly suit the entangled vagaries of the story. Now, that’s alchemy…

Joe Morse & Toni Morrison

An exquisite new edition of the dark and powerful novel, Beloved by Toni Morrison. The pairing of The Folio Society‘s elegant styling alongside Joe Morse’s commanding illustration work makes this a striking addition to any bookshelf.

Cat at The Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration

The hugely talented Cat O’Neil has been working recently on a very exciting project with with Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration. We are delighted to finally be able to share it with everyone. As the organisation is moving to elegant new premises in Clerkenwell, Cat was commissioned to illustrate a fascinating report by Dr Angelina Osbourne on the founders of the New River Company who constructed the building. You can read more about Cat’s design process here.

This has been a marvellous project to work on as Cat and I are hugely supportive of the important work that QB Centre do to promote, document and inform. You can find out more about the Centre here.

Eye-Opening Artwork

Another exceptional piece by Jun Cen for exclusive eyewear brand Willson Collections. Commissioned as part of a targeted marketing campaign, this magical dreamscape intrigues and draws us in. The sophisticated, reduced colour palette is unmistakably Jun and he brings an elegance to all his static and animation projects.

Learning Our ABCs

An exquisitely beautiful new book by wonderful Loris Lora launched last week. The ABC of  Baby’s Needs introduces babies to a world of communication through their alphabet and sign language.
Loris’s elegant yet engaging style welcomes us in and offers a joyous companion to those first few conversations with our children.

Grace Park joins Killington Arts!

We are so happy to announce that Grace Park will be joining us. Her delicate palette and engaging sense of style add warmth and energy to each project. Grace’s work marries the traditional and contemporary whilst drawing from her time in LA and Canada and from her Korean upbringing. Her mastery of the digital arts alongside her deep understanding of traditional mediums has brought her international recognition and an impressive legion of high-profile clients such as Lotte Duty Free and The Washington Post.

Heping Wu joins Killington Arts!

It is with huge pleasure that we welcome Heping Wu to the agency. Now based in Macau, Heping Wu draws both from his work with a range of international clients and from his Chinese heritage. His fluid lines, delicate palette and superb draftsmanship allow his work to sit elegantly in many different international markets and design fields. His work with many prestigious brands and publishing clients has enabled him to create worlds of wonder and intrigue which draw the viewer in.


The Delicate Art of Grieving

Some editorial commissions are more tricky than others. An essay on childhood grief and the way it lingers throughout our lives could be seen as a challenge. However, Cat O’Neil handled the brief with her usual emotional dexterity and eloquence for this recent Financial Times piece by Henry Wismayer.

Feeling the Pressure?

Beautifully constructed piece by Jun Cen for the WSJ on stress in the workplace.