Spotlight on Adolescence

Exceptional piece by Jun Cen on depression and adolescence for Youth Magazine. As poignant and descriptive as it is beautiful.

Change Your Life!


Loris Lora’s palette is unmistakable in its warmth and elegance. This beautiful piece for a recent @sistersletter article on turning routine into ritual perfectly illustrates the little changes that can be transformative.

Caesar & The Kentish Men

Fantastic new image by Cat O’Neil in the August edition of BBC History Magazine.
This image accompanies an interesting piece on the British resistance faced by Julius Caesar’s legions in 55 BC. Kentish men are a force to be reckoned with.

Hugo Award Nomination for Kuri Huang!

HUGO AWARD NOMINATION for Kuri Huang in the category of Professional Artist. With works like the ones shown here we are not surprised but we couldn’t be more thrilled for her. The Hugo Awards are widely considered to be the premier awards for Science Fiction & Fantasy and the winners will be announced in Chengdu in October.
Congratulations Kuri!

Mark Ulriksen has it covered! (again)

Mark Ulriksen’s most recent cover for @newyorkermag is as special as ever. The humour, exquisite colour palette and composition make each image powerful yet engaging. This particular image was to illustrate the rule changes that are happening in baseball this season.
If you would like to see more of Mark’s work ahead of your next project we would be delighted to hear from you.

Owen Freeman @ National Geographic

Fascinating new image for this month’s National Geographic by the wonderful Owen Freeman.  Always ready to offer a fresh angle on a complex text, in this piece he was able to combine both the literal and the mythical research on Tut’s dagger. The image accompanies an interesting article on the sacred role of meteoric iron in ancient civilisations

The Cod Father

These are just a taste of the extraordinary images by the exceptional illustrator, Olivier Kugler for the current exhibition, ‘Friends, Foes & Good Companions’. Hosted by The Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre, this show explores the turmoil of the Cod Wars and reflects on the impact, past and present on the industry, through the eyes of those who were there. Reportage and social investigation at its very best. For those of you in the area, the show runs until the 20th August.

Poetry in Motion

This beautiful and insightful animation by Liang-Hsin Huang was created for the On Being podcast and Maria Popova as part of the Universe in Verse project. The synergy between Liang’s exquisite artwork and W H Auden’s reflective poetry is cogent. The delicacy of touch in both creative structures inspires and draws one closer to the meaning of love’s place in our lives.  You can see more here.

Trump in the Middle East!

Such an arresting cover by Hanoch Piven for Barak Ravid’s extraordinary book on Donald Trump’s foreign policy achievements in the Middle East. Based on a series of exclusive interviews with the ex-president, US secretaries of state, advisers and diplomats, it charts the decisions made that reshaped the geopolitical map.
As always, Hanoch’s work draws the reader in and connects on a very personal level.

Congratulations to Joe Morse

Great to hear that the terrific Joe Morse has been included once again in the AI Illustration annual this year. This powerful portrait of Jamie Dornan carries all the complexity and unnerving disquiet of the character he plays so beautifully in the series, The Tourist. A very elegant piece.