Stories of Loneliness

A charming set of illustrations by the wonderful Rutu Modan appeared in last week’s New York Times.
This fascinating story of loneliness and courage was both poignant and bold and Rutu’s images proved to be equally eloquent.


Halloween with BMW

A fabulous piece of Halloween advertising for BMW from the hugely talented Owen Freeman.  Owen’s graphic style carries the thrill and excitement of the narrative and indeed the brand with ease and elegance.

A very warm welcome to Olivier Kugler

We are thrilled to announce that the hugely talented Olivier Kugler has joined us here at Killington Arts. Olivier Kugler’s extraordinary body of work covers some of the most shocking refugee crises of our generation. His extensive reportage has brought clarity and understanding of the plight of Middle Eastern refugees in Europe and his book, ‘Escaping War and Waves’ won two prestigious design awards.  His visual journalism has taken him from Iraqi Kurdistan to Cairo, China, Laos and beyond.  Olivier’s work also extends into the more domestic side of life and he has created exquisite food illustrations, fiction covers and beautifully eloquent portraits.

The Game is a Foot!

Effortlessly elegant, this illustration by the hugely accomplished Kuri Huang sends shivers down our spine. It graces an Onmyoji card game and forms a series of stunning images.

Liang-Hsin Huang at the Royal Society of Literature!

This charming animation, created by Liang-Hsin Huang was one of a series of gifs created for Salena Godden as a part of the royal society of literature, Literature Matters series.

Elegant animation by Jun Cen

Another sophisticated illustrated animation, created by Jun Cen for the Newyorker Magazine, digital edition. His subtle palette and elegant design techniques are unmistakable and powerful in equal measure.

New Work for FT Hong Kong

Beautiful new work by Cat O’Neil for the Financial Times, Hong Kong. Cat’s distinctive palette and exceptional draftsmanship are used to great effect in carrying another difficult financial narrative.

Prestigious Award for Loris Lora

We are thrilled to announce that the prestigious Pura Belpré has been won by the very talented Loris Lora for her publication, May your Life Be Deliciosa.  A real accolade for an exceptional artist – so well deserved.

Powerful Stories

Out today on the Wellcome Collection’s Stories platform, a powerful piece by Meg Fozzard on cardiac arrest in young people with an equally powerful set of illustrations by the very talented Cat O’Neil:
Cat has a wonderful way of conveying the hugely personal and difficult stories of our lives with delicacy and clarity.

Another powerful image by Owen Freeman

The drama in Owen Freeman’s illustration work is unmistakable and utilises all the best techniques of cinematography such as powerful lighting, unusual camera angles and reduced pallet to engage and describe emotion. This piece for AARP is no exception. Working across editorial, design, publishing and advertising fields, his work is as varied as it is commanding.