Liang-Hsin Huang joins Killington Arts!

We are genuinely thrilled to announce that Liang-Hsin Huang has joined us here at Killington Arts.  Her intuitive and sensuous style has brought warmth and substance to a myriad of illustration and animation projects.  Liang’s powerful yet delicate pieces have a distinct rhythm and poetry which enable them to carry complex concepts and has made them a perfect visual accompaniment to music.  Do spend some time pursuing a small selection of her images on her web page, animation page, Behance or Instagram.  Welcome aboard Liang!


The Girl Who Fell Beneath The Sea

Exquisitely beautiful artwork by Kuri Huang for The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea. This YA book is a gorgeous retelling of a Korean folktale.


Winner of The Sigurd F. Olson Award

Yet another award for the lovely Meilo So! Butterflies Belong Here has been selected as winner of the prestigious Sigurd F. Olson Nature Writing Award. We so enjoyed working on this beautiful book as Meilo rendered the artwork in watercolour and it is always a pleasure to loose ourselves in parcels of watercolour paper and exquisite illustration. Congratulations to Meilo and the very talented Melissa Manlove on another stunning publication.

Learn from a Master of the Graphic Arts!

We are so excited to be able to announce that the wonderful Owen Freeman will be teaching his first Narrative Illustration class online this Summer. The class will be on Zoom and focus on developing story-driven artwork from sketch to final, developing compositions, reference etc.
The first day is June 5th 2021, seats are limited. Details and more info available at Workshop Academy
Such a wonderful opportunity to learn from a master of this art form!

Kuri Huang Catalogue

We couldn’t let Friday slip through our hands without sharing Kuri Huang’s beautiful catalogue.

Jun Cen for Spectrum News

Delicate yet powerful images from Jun Cen for Spectrum News yesterday. They accompanied an article on new research into the very particular social, emotional challenges faced by autistic teenagers as puberty brings the usual changes to their lives.

Butterflies Belong Here Nomination

We are so proud to announce that ‘Butterflies Belong Here’ has been nominated to the 2021-2022 Keystone to Reading Elementary Book Award. Meilo So’s exquisite illustrations bring a delicate charm to this fascinating text. It was a real pleasure to work with Melissa Manlove on this Chronicle Books Publication.

Harnessing the Sun

Terrific image By Joe Morse of Creative Solar Director, Seth Gunning for Sierra Magazine.

The Last Days of Stan Lee

‘The Last Days of Stan Lee’ by Owen Freeman for AARP magazine. Huge thanks to Design Director, Todd Albertson for a fascinating commission.
Owen’s work has graced the pages of a wide range of publications worldwide and his passion for film and graphic novels shines through, bringing real power to each subject he tackles.

Jun Cen

This beautiful illustration by Jun Cen encapsulates so many of the strengths of his work. The power of his ethereal landscapes, the expressiveness of his delicate lines all within a restrained palette and minimalist composition. Jun’s work carries both complex and challenging narratives with ease and elegance. You can see much more of his work on our Instagram or Behance pages.